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Have you dreamed of learning to fly or to become a pilot of the highest calibre? We here at Flying Vikings can make that dream come true, with our professional training staff and our safe and comfortable training facilities located at the Hayward Executive Airport in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our training facilities have everything to suit the needs of any prospective pilot, from Private Pilot to ATP Training. Flying Vikings is a testing facility for Lasergrade now PSI, for students to do all FAA knowledge tests.

Our aircraft fleet of Cessna 152s, 172s, a Beech Sierra, a Piper Arrow, Piper Seminoles and a Piper Seneca are owned, operated, and maintained to meet the strictest needs of our students and renters, whether foreign or domestic. An essential part of our advanced training is our FAA approved Elite PCATD flight training device (simulator). With the simulator training accompanied by training in our aircrafts, we will have you trained to handle any situation with the utmost safety and care. Our greatest reward in providing world class training is not only producing the best and safest pilots, but making it safe and enjoyable for all the passengers our pilots will go on to serve. Flying Vikings is truly the “Difference between Promise and Performance”

Whether you want to be licensed to start a career in Airline piloting, or just have fun (and really what is more fun than flying!) we have all your training and aircraft needs covered and make you the pilot you have always dreamed of being. Enroll or contact us today to get started on your journey to the skies!


Our graduates are presently working for Air India, Cathy Pacific, Korean Air, Asiana Airline, Air China, Continental Airlines, Northwest Airlink, Mesa Air, West Air and Ameriflight.


I completed my pilot training in time all because of you. The value of education you provided to us was very good.

- Shrikant Nade

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